Generative. On-chain. Built on Ethereum. Avastars is the future of digital collectibles.

Every Avastar is composed of generative vector art and has unique combinations of traits and genes. Once all of the original Avastars are minted, the only way to mint new ones will be via Replicants, which will require combining traits from the original Avastar Primes.

The best part? All of the unique data of your Avastars, whether Primes or Replicants, are stored entirely on-chain on Ethereum. That means these digital collectibles will live forever!


But it’s not just durability that matters — desirability does, too. Avastars are gorgeous on-chain art collectibles that are already among the most highly-sought 2D and 3D avatars for the metaverse. The possibilities around these collectibles are endless, too, since Avastars’s means collectors can take their Avastars and extend them to new entrepreneurial horizons!

Did we mention you own a commercial license to an Avastar as long as you own the NFT? Check out the license: