Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) should live and entertain forever.
That’s where nft42 comes in.
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nft42 builds brands focused on virtual goods and the metaverse.
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Generative. On-chain. Built on Ethereum. Avastars is the future of digital collectibles. Every Avastar is composed of generative vector art and has unique combinations of traits and genes.

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nameless empowers brands and enterprises to launch and fully manage their own custom NFT projects.

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TokenSmart is the NFT ecosystem’s premier community hub. We manage the most active NFT community in the world through our Discord, and we facilitate the metaverse’s earliest signature events, like the WIP Meetup, the Metalympics, and more!

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Facilitated by TokenSmart, the Metalympics is a series of fun competitions played within Ethereum’s metaverse. Welcome to anyone, the Metalympics games provide an entertaining avenue for anyone to dive deeper into Ethereum’s NFT arena.




A 10,255 token NFT project by Gary Vee consisting of 9,400 admission tokens, 555 gift goats, and 300 access tokens; including many one-of-ones. The main ambition of this project is to create meaningful intellectual property and create an extraordinary community.


Joytoys are limited edition objects from Joyworld made for you by joy, joys, and joy’s friends


A monthly box containing expertly curated NFTs from legendary NFT collector Pranksy. All NFTs are secured on the ethereum blockchain forever!


Why On Chain?

NFTs that store their metadata on-chain and redundantly will be around forever. NFTs whose metadata are stored off-chain are at the mercy of 3rd-parties that can and will sometimes go bust, which in turn dooms all the media involved.

nft42 thinks creators and collectors should have complete sovereignty and be able to rest easy knowing their NFTs will be around for the long run, not just the next few years. That’s why we’ve built our Avastars and Infinity Tokens projects with on-chain minting at their cores: digital durability is key.

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