building a non-fungible future

we build and improve non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on blockchains like ethereum

Male Avastar

a little about us

this is who we are and what we are doing


avastars is our flagship NFT dapp. the first NFT to have images stored on the ethereum blockchain and #trueownership of the art.

dynamic metadata

being able to update on-chain metadata in a #decentralized way unlocks many unexplored benefits for non-fungible tokens. we're tinkering with this.

immutable metadata

human and machine-readable #metadata belongs on-chain as well. some of that data should be immutable, like an artist's name and original attributes.

nate "natealex" hart

nate made chainfaces and some other cool stuff for #nftland before joining the team. he is currently building an nft #minting platform called InfiNFT.

jim "j1mmy" mcnelis

jim previously founded dito, an enterprise cloud solutions provider. for the last few years, he has been exploring the #benefits of blockchains and nfts.

ryan "rizzle" Kappel

rizzle heads up our TokenSmart brand which coordinates the popular weekly meetup, the WIP, and the Metalympics - the premiere competitive event in the metaverse!